Course Overview

Course Outline
This course has been designed to be completed by attempting to complete the course on your own through RPL (distance learning)

This course has been organised into 4 parts:

Module I: The National Qualifications Framework - deals with understanding the skills development landscape and also explores all the legal bodies and NQF concepts involved.

Module II: Outcomes Based Education and Training -  will explore the differences between previous training models and the new outcomes based education and training model.

Module Ill: Outcomes Based Assessments - focuses on the actual assessment process of describes the 6 stages of assessment and the related procedures to carry out these stages successfully.

Module IV: Recognition of Prior Learning - focuses on the practices of RPL, who should apply for RPL and the other relevant aspects that will make RPL work in the workplace.


Course Accreditation
This workshop is based on the SAQA-registered unit standard/s
• 115753 - Plan and Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments, NQF Level 5 with 15 credits
Course goals and Objectives
The goals and objectives of this course is up-skill you to a level where you will be able to assess candidates against unit standards and/or qualifications or even curriculum statements

The following learning outcomes will be achieved by completing this course successfully:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of outcomes based assessments
  • Prepare for assessment
  • Conduct assessments
  • Provide feedback on assessments
  • Review assessments
  • An overview of the NQF system of SAQA, and the Skills Development Act
  • Assessment principles and methods
  • Assessment implementation and procedures
  • Feedback after assessment and documentation required
  • Evidence of competence
  • Recognition of prior learning implementation
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Assessment systems
Course Details
Course ID : DU 1015
Course Duration : Own Time (Suggested Time Frame is 3 Months)
Cost : R 1995.00 incl VAT
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