In an attempt to provide ongoing service to all our clients, we have re-designed many of our standard accredited courses to be offered online.

The online courses will allow your staff to access the video lectures and online quizzes via most electronic platforms such as their PC, a laptop, a tablet or I-Pad and even a smart phone.

By following a simple registration process, each candidate can access the lectures (videos), the learning materials and the online quizzes. They will also have the opportunity to communicate with other learners by accessing the discussion forums.

Should a candidate choose to receive credits for the course (NQF credits) then they will also have the option of downloading the Portfolio of Evidence (assessment documents) and submitting them through the office closest to them.

The advantage of the online training is that it offers the employer a much cheaper option than the onsite training option

It must however be noted that NOT all training can be offered online and there are some courses that have the content and assessment loaded online, but there are no online quizzes. These courses are mostly governed by some form of legislation or regulations and therefore requires assessment for certification.The content is downloadable at registration and then some form of self study is required and the origanl completed assessment must by submitted to DNL for assessing and moderation
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