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Management Qualification

More than 80% of managers said that a generic management qualification is a key part of becoming a professional manager, and that transferring their new skills also improved the performance of their team

Design Assessments

Assessing skills is not always possible if you do not have the proper instruments and tools to enable the assessment. Learn how to design and develop these tools.

Fundamentals of Leadership

This online course is now available to provide you with the fundamentals needed to leader the right way. This course is based on the book by Dr Rowan van Dyk "Fundamentals of Leadership"

Course Design

Let us customize your course to suit your specific needs.

Online Assessor Course

You can now take this SAQA accredited assessor course online. This course will provide all the knowledge and skills to allow you to conduct outcomes based assessments in the workplace

Become a Trainer

This course is for anyone who wishes to become a trainer and present workshop and training events. Learn the skills of being a successful accredited trainer.